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{Wednesday the 16th} Promo


- must be following aurumes (don’t unfollow after)
- check out, and maybe even follow virctis
- must reach 30+ reblogs, no likes
- there will be 2 fansigns, 3 solos and x lists of randoms

If you need a friend and someone to talk to, I am so here.


reblog this + i’ll promote some of you in solos when i get home from school / dont have to be following me

Philippines & u? :))

Kababayan pala kita eh. Hahahaha

My name’s Sheena :) Hi Phay nice to meet u <3

Oh, So, Sheena? xx Where do you live? 

hahahahhaha we can be friends if u like ;)))) xo hi dear :3

Thats what i badly want rn. Hi so my name is Phay! xx